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Characters Keeping Journals

I think tarot is becoming more common as a tool for reflection. Many people have a practice of pulling a card every morning to help them feel centered and to engage more deeply with whatever happens that day. I know a lot of writers who pull cards for their characters, or for direction when they feel stuck in their writing – Meg Hayertz

So you have a primary character and you are wanting to really get to know them! Have you considered keeping diaries or journals for your characters and having them do a version of the Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron?

One way to keep morning pages or diary entries is to use challenges like these to kick start your writing. Vlad is a character who I am getting to know. When I first met her she was on the road, having given up her career as a Corporate Lawyer. She was totally burned out and her primary energy had been taken up kitting herself out and establishing her mobile van. She vaguely planned to travel and provide art classes for folks in more remote areas.

Another approach is to take up the challenge and get to know your character as they engage and write Ten True Words.

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